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Final Vows of Frs. TV Anthony, Francis & Shanthraj T

The Jesuits of Karnataka Province, rejoiced at the twofold celebration on 26 January, 2021. As the nation celebrated its 72nd Republic Day, Karnataka Jesuits rejoiced as three of their companions pronounced their final vows. ‘Take Lord Receive’- with these sentiments in their hearts Vovents, Frs. T V Antony, Francis Fernandes and Shanthraj T made their final commitment in the Society at St. Joseph's College, Anekal.

“My Grace Is Sufficient for You”- was the theme of the day. The Holy Eucharist was presided over by Fr Dionysus Vas SJ, the Provincial. Around 60 Jesuits from near and far communities concelebrated the Eucharist. The homilist of the day, Fr Jossie Lobo, preached on the significance of religious vows in the contemporary consumerist world. The meaningful Eucharist was followed by a short felicitation program, wherein the families and friends of the vovents were introduced. The newly professed were felicitated, and Fr. Ronald Pais did the honors of raising the Toast. On behalf of the Vovents Fr. Francis Fernandes thanked the entire Jesuit family and the invitees. Sch. Jaison Pais well anchored the entire program. A sumptuous meal completed the entire celebration.

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