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Final Vows of Fr. Roshan Pereira & Fr. Anthony Pradeep

Frs Roshan Pereira and Anthony Pradeep having lived two decades in the Society of Jesus made their final commitment on 14 November, 2020 in the Xavier hall of St Joseph’s College, Bangalore. Fr Dionysius Vaz SJ, the provincial of Karnataka Jesuit province received their vows representing Fr Arthuro Sosa, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus. In his homily Fr Joseph D’Mello SJ elaborated the Jesuit call and mission today citing the valuable contribution of St Joseph Pignatelli and Servant of God, Fr Pedro Arrupe. It was followed by a short felicitation program at which Fr Roshan expressed his deep gratitude to all the formators and the provincials who formed them in the Society of Jesus. He also expressed his anxiety over the challenges of our context today and the demands of the Final Vows for a creative and positive response.

On behalf of the province Fr Francis Fernandes SJ wished them well with his creative and festooned toast. Fr Dionysius Vaz, in his message encouraged the Vovents to be ever ready to respond to our culture of woes and to be a witness in today’s world.” He also enthused them “to know their identity in the Society by being always connected to Christ their treasure and to cultivate the treasure they have inherited from St Ignatius – the Spirituality of Seeing God in all things and all things in God and finally to be men of integrity.” During this auspicious occasion 3 books on Servant of God, Fr Pedro Arrupe were released. Fr Arrupe Avara Elu Bilugala Baala Payana by Fr Jeevan Prabhu SJ and a short biography of Fr Pedro Arrupe – Falling In Love Will Decide Everything (English) and Olave Baduku (Kannada) by Sch Anush D’Cunha SJ.


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