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The Covid - 19 pandemic has exposed various vulnerable communities in and around the city of Bangalore. There are two kinds of migrants in the city of Bangalore: 1. From the rural districts of Karnataka and 2. Migrants from other states. The migrants from other states are severely affected as they are not entitled to any welfare schemes of the state. Their survival at the time of lockdown is at stake. Hence the Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society in collaboration with Diyaghar, Hasiru Dala - the NGOs and XLRI alumni is carrying out the Covid-19 relief work extensively in the urban as well as in rural areas of Bangalore, trying to reach out to the poorest of the poor, the migrants, destitute homes, slum dwellers, orphans, elderly people and widows.
The Society is galvanizing both human and financial resources to join hands with an alumnus of XLRI who took the lead to carry out the massive Covid - 19 relief work. The students from the hostel, volunteers from the College vicinity and the Jesuits of the town have brought the yeomen force and strength to the relief work. Every day the relief packages worth thousand rupees per pack are being distributed to the needy. A total of 35,000 kits have been distributed to 1,75,000 needy people as on April 16. The work is getting bigger and the cause is being witnessed by the government and the city police, including the commissioner of police. The BJES extends its heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed towards its fight against the Covid -19 pandemic.


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