Karnataka Jesuits

St.Aloysius College Harihar

The city of Harihar in Shimoga was deeply hit by the lockdown announcement. Over 500 families of migrant laborers in Harihar and Davanagere who were stranded received food and provisions comprising of rice 10kg, sugar 2kg, rava 2kg, oil 1 ltr, salt 1kg, chilli powder ½ kg, tea powder ½ kg, washing soap 2, tooth paste 1, beaten rice 2kg, jeera 100grm, sambar powder 250 grm, turmeric powder 100grm, and bathing soap 1 from the management, staff and students of St Aloysius College, Harihar. The college undertook this service as part of their social outreach programme. There are many migrant families who have been given temporary shelter in tents on the outskirts of Harihar and Davanagere towns.


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