Karnataka Jesuits


Five of our deacons - C. John Baptist, Vinod AJ, Jeevan James KA, Roshan Pinto and WK Pradeep (KHM) – were ordained priests by Archbishop Peter Machado on October 2nd in St Joseph’s Boys High School chapel, Bengaluru. Owing to Covid-19 restrictions only a small number of Jesuits and a handful of relatives of the ordinandi could physically attend the ceremony. But a large number – perhaps a thousand or more – were able to witness the ordination ceremony as well as the felicitation programme that followed, live streamed as it was on YouTube. The presence of Fr Anand Pereira representing the Kohima Region, the angelic choir by Jnana Jyothi scholastics, and the compeering of the programme by Sch Wilson Saldanha and Fr Leo Florence added to the glamour of the event.


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