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Quizinigo 2020


Theme: Life of St Ignatius of Loyola and the Society of Jesus

There will be two quizzes
1. Quiz 1 -13-18 years of age as on 1st July 2020
2. Quiz 2 - 19 years of age and above as on 1st July 2020

Instructions for Registration
• The Quiz will be in English language Only
• The sources for the preparation for the quiz could be found on different websites, basically on the life of St Ignatius, some significant years, places, events, works that are associated with him and some significant saints, and works of the Society of Jesus. Some major contributions of Jesuits in various ministries and fields. You can also visit the official website of the Society of Jesus. https://www.jesuits.global/
• Registration starts on 17th July 2020
• No Registration fees
• Choose one of the categories to register yourself in this quiz – Either Quiz 1 or Quiz 2 based on your age.
• As you click the link for registration you will have a registration form
• Please fill in all the necessary details in the form and submit
• You will receive an automated email with a unique password (do not share this password with others) to login on the day of the quiz to answer the quiz. This mail that you receive also confirms your participation in the quiz. Kindly do check your spam in your email account after registration, sometimes there could be a possibility for the confirmation mail to be found in the spam.
• Jesuits strictly not allowed to take part in this. This Quiz is exclusively for nonJesuits.

Quiz Day
27th July 2020.
• Please visit
www.karnatakajesuits.org website and you will have a link to participate in the quiz. You can login with the help of the unique password sent to you after your registration. The quiz link will be open only from 10 am on 27th July till 5 pm on the same day.
• From 10 am till 5 pm, any time you can login and attempt the quiz.
• 50 minutes time – 60 questions- 1 mark per answer – time starts as you login and automatically ends after 50 minutes. One question appears at a time on the screen. Once you answer the question and go to the next question, you cannot go back to the previous question again. Hence, kindly double check your answer before you press NEXT. As you keep answering the score will be recorded digitally which can be viewed at the end of the quiz once the final submission is done.
• The questions will be in the form of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)/True or False/Match the Following.
• No negative marking
• In case you wish to take a mock test to check how this works, you can do so on 25th July 2020 from 10 am to 5 pm with the same unique password sent to you after registration.
• Participation E certificates will be sent to all the participants within a week’s time after the quiz.
• The results will be displayed on the website on 28th July 2020 by 5 pm. If more than one person gets a prize for the same position, then they will be intimated for a final round which will be conducted only for them on 29th July 2020 at 10 am in a similar manner. This Final quiz will have 25 questions which needs to be answered in 25 minutes.
• Cash Prizes will be awarded to the winners along with the E-Certificates.
• You can attempt the quiz either from your laptop, Desktop or even from your mobile
• You must take responsibility for uninterrupted power and internet supply during the quiz
• You cannot attempt the quiz, a second time
• If you lose the unique password sent to you after registration, you may not be able to participate in the quiz.
• If your email address is wrongly filled in during registration or in case has some activation problem, the organisors will not be responsible for that.

Please Note:
• All the dates and times mentioned, is as per IST (Indian Standard Time)
• For any clarification, please email us : karnatakajesuitprovince@gmail.com


Prizes Quiz 1 Quiz 2
One First Prize Rs 3000 Rs 5000
One Second Prize Rs 2000 Rs 3000
One Third Prize Rs 1000 Rs 2000
Five Consolation Prizes Rs 500 Rs 1000

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