St. Rita’s Parish, Mundgod

Mundgod is a small town located in the reserved forest area in the northern part of Karnataka. In 1980at the request of Bishop William D’Mello of Karwar to the Provincial, Fr. Mathew Lewis went as parish priest of St. Rita’s Church, Mundgod, with a small number of Catholics. In 1991 he with the help of the Sisters of Charity started a school in the Church premises to educate the tribals (Siddhis, Gollas, and Gowlies) and Dalits who live in small villages deep in the forest. Fr Mathew put up a new church in Mundgod and used the old one to start a library and reading room for the people – Catholics and others as well.

St. Rita’s Parish has 3 sub-stations. The Catholics in two sub stations – Mainahalli and Ugginkere - are mainly Siddhis who are descendants of African slaves brought to Goa by the Portuguese, and hence bear African features. Another substation is at Malagi. The parish at Mundgod looks after the socio-pastoral development of the people. St. Lawrence Church at Hangal is another parish under the supervision of the Mundgod Mission.

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